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Halibna Milkpowder 2500 gr

A pallet contains 36 boxes
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Product specifications

Nutrition facts (per 100 g)
  • Energy 511 Kcal
  • Fatt 28,5 gr
  • Of Which Saturated Fatt 19,2 gr
  • Carbohydrates 39 gr
  • Of which sugars 39 gr
  • Proteins 24,5 gr
  • Salt 0,75 gr
  • Ingredients Full cream milk powder, Emulsifier: soy lecithin (produced from genetically modified soybeans), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron
  • Allergies Lactose, Soy
Other information
  • Storage condition Keep dry
  • Shelf life
    2 years
  • Country of Origin
Packaging details
  • Dimensions Box
    L 39 cm x W 31 cm x H 36 cm
  • Gross weight Trading Unit
    15.38 kg
  • Nett weight Trading Unit
    15 kg
  • Nett Weight Consumer Unit
    2.5 kg
  • Gross Weight Consumer Unit
    2550 gr
  • Number of Boxes per Layer
  • Number of Boxes per Pallet
  • Gross Weight Pallet
    572 kg

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